Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How to lose weight

So you want to lose weight? Many of us find it very difficult to lose weight, if you have tried before and have failed, then let me tell you that by just eating healthy diet and doing regular exercise you can achieve long term weight loss. Most people fail to stick to diet because of their eating habits. You need to make changes about what you eat and how much you eat.
The main factors that control weight are caloric balance, metabolic rates and life style. Permanent weight loss is attained by changing the life style behavior.
Dieting today is very trendy; many young people get influenced by the skinny supermodels and the concept of glamorous celebrity lifestyle.
Don’t be lured by diets that claim amazing weight loss in couple of weeks. We all feel desperate sometimes, but crash diets gets rid of lot of weight that isn’t fat, and most of it comes back again. Our body runs on glucose and makes use of it to power body cells and the excess is stored in the form of fat. Before this the excess glucose is first stored in liver in the form of glycogen. Once the stores of glycogen are full then the excess glucose is stored as fat. Therefore when your body runs out of energy it makes use of stored glycogen which results in short term rapid weight loss. So in order to achieve a permanent weight loss you need to get rid of the fat stored in the body.
It is very simple, you become overweight when you take in more calories than you burn up and you lose weight when you’re taking less calories and burn more. When fat cells are called upon to release energy during dieting they inform the body that they are getting empty and once again you start feeling hungry and you eat, that is the reason it is hard to keep the weight off.
However by making small changes to your life style like eating less portion and by doing more exercise you can achieve permanent weight loss.